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About TIG

TIG International is a leading provider of Mobile Computing and Automatic Data Capture solutions to the business market.

We are an Australian company with its head office in Sydney and resellers located worldwide. We started in 1997 to provide bar code inventory management solutions for SAP, and quickly expanded into other areas, and other ERP systems.
About TIG International

We have developed industry benchmark mobile software for enterprise field workers. We deploy both our own developed applications and other applications as part of our Mobility Solutions. We pride ourselves on being hardware vendor independent, which allows us to utilise the best available equipment for our solutions.

Our aim is to expand the benefits of information technology to corporations’ field, warehouse, and plant workers. This will change the way work is performed by reducing paperwork, ensuring all workers have easy access to their company’s enterprise and auxiliary systems, can receive and confirm tasks in their workplace, and validate data at the point of entry.

We will deliver to our customers, competitive advantage through the use of mobile computing technology to drive significant process improvements.