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  • BAPI Certified for the MM-MOB and WM-LSR interfaces of SAP.
  • Delivers sub-second response times to warehouse operators.
  • Automatic offline & online from SAP, perfect for remote warehouses.
  • Faster than SAP GUI and SAP Console.
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  • Real-Time’ data collection using Radio Frequency (RF) technology;
  • The use of bar coding technology for vast improvements in speed and accuracy;
  • Designed specifically for use by shop floor operators.
  • Minimal use of computer jargon and SAP R/3 specific terms, replaced instead by industry standard terminology that shop floor operators understand;
  • RF, bar code reader and hardware vendor independent. TIG gives the customer the ability to choose the hardware that they wish to use with MMT. This gives the customer a greater flexibility of choice with regard to service, support and cost from potential RF bar code reader and hardware suppliers. MMT will run on any RF bar code reading hardware with a screen of 16 rows by 20 columns that supports a VT100 style telnet connection;
  • EAN-128 article numbering for further increased speed, accuracy and conforming to new and emerging standards in bar coding technology.


  • Speed and accuracy improvements of bar code reading support;
  • A paper free system;
  • Traceability and accuracy improvements of a computerised system;
  • Specifically designed for small screen ASCII terminals;
  • Designed for bar code reading devices;
  • Designed to enhance the procedures on the shop floor.
  • The MMT has enhanced accuracy when compared to sorting and counting by hand;
  • The MMT has increased speed of data updates;
  • The MMT allows the operator to count the material in any order.


  • Auditing
  • Block / Unblock Bin
  • Bin Status
  • Default Area
  • UCC 128 (EAN 128)
  • Error Logging
  • Forced Scan
  • Goods Receipt
  • Information Text
  • Loading
  • Move Storage Unit
  • Packing
  • ScanPack
  • Security
  • Splitting
  • Stock Take / Physical Inventory
  • Transfer Requirement: Create
  • Transfer Requirement: Cancel
  • Transfer Order
  • Transfer Order: Create
  • Transfer Order: Cancel
  • Transfer Order: Immediate
  • Transfer Order: Picking
  • Transfer Order: Put Away
  • Release Reference Number


  • Remote Function Call (RFC) / BAPI Interface
  • Real Time Interface
  • IDoc Interface:
    • WMMBXY - Goods movement
    • WMTORD - Transfer Orders
    • WMTOCO - Confirmation of Transfer Orders
    • WMBBIN - Blocking / Unblocking of Storage Bins
    • WMSUMO - Move Storage Units
    • WMINVE - Inventory Count Data
    • WMCATO - Cancellation request / Cancellation of Transfer Orders
    • WMINFO - Information text
    • WMTREQ - Transfer Requirements
    • WMRREF - Release Reference Number
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